Testimonials from NY Artists

Gloria Rabinowitz is a treasure you will want to discover. As a fairly new artist I am so glad to have found Gloria Rabinowitz at New York Artists. Gloria is constantly finding new and innovative ways to promote the artists on New York Artists. She also provides a WEALTH of information, learning, and very helpful suggestions. Gloria Rabinowitz is one person I know that actually enjoys the success and growth of other artists. I highly recommend Gloria Rabinowitz and New York Artists to all artists everywhere (not just New York!).
Kelly L Hendrickson, Full Time Artist – Mixed Media Textile

Gloria Rabinowitz has done an excellent job with New York Artists Online in creating an online platform for highlighting artists’ work as well as providing useful information for the arts. She does a lot of outreach so the site gets a good deal of traffic and she is very responsive and easy to work with. That’s a good combination of business sense and people skills.
Susan Grabel, Independent Fine Art Professional

I’ve been with NewYorkArtists.net for many years and know that Gloria continually works hard to improve the site. In it’s newly-expanded present form it is a place for visual artists to enjoy one stop shopping for any and all career-related information. My work is listed with many group websites, but hers continues to be the best. Whenever I receive online inquiries from collectors and others, they invariably say, “I saw your work on NewYorkArtists.net!”
Barbara Rachko, Painter of “Eye-popping, Mexico-inspired Pastel Paintings”

Gloria has been extremely helpfull in promoting my art through her website.
I have found her most courteous and well informed and would highly recommend her service to any artist that is looking for a web platform to showcase their work.
Martin Newman, Artist

I wanted to let you know that I got contacted by Housing Works, after seeing my work on NY Artists online!!! bravo.. eventhough it is a charitable event, it’s a very cool venue and i wanted you to know that they saw my work there thanks so much
Beth Barry, Professional Artist

I have gotten two shows from being found on your site. The two shows were in Abu Dhabi 2010-2011 and at Blank Space in Chelsea last October-Nov. Both galleries found my work on your site. I sold one large painting in Abu Dhabi which made it worthwhile. I always encourage my friends to join up.
Judith S. Miller, Professional Artist

I just wanted to let you know that I just got a painting commission through the NewYorkArtists.net site – I’m very happy! Thanks again!
Ida Marx, Professional Artist

This site has connected me with collectors and a gallery opportunity, as well as a prospect of showing in Bangladesh. It’s name and position on internet searches are excellent.
Kathleen Migliore-Newton, Fine Arts Painter

Gloria consistently finds new ways to support her artists on NY Artists Online with new ideas and opportunities.
— Regina Silvers, Artist

Two sisters from Scotland googled for American artists and somehow found me (I suspect that they saw your website). Saw the painting that’s on the front page. They had been in NY visiting one of their sons and came to my loft on the way to the airport and back to Scotland and one sister bought it. The other sister saw something else (a solarplate etching) she liked and bought that too. They were charming women in their 60’s – we sat and talked for 2 hours. Isn’t that a marvelous story!
Joyce Silver

Thanks so much for your hard work keeping this site up. It’s a wonderful place to display my work, and I’m always proud to give out the site info! I also appreciate your passing along opportunities that come up from time to time. I was in the “Eye on Wall Street” show in October as a result of your email.
Ida Marx, Artist

Gloria has done a great job running New York Artists Online. The site has yielded me several gallery shows and some sales of paintings. She recently revamped the site, and it now shows more work by each artist. I plan to stay with Gloria’s site in the future. Acenta Gallery in Abu Dhabi has taken me on, representing me in the Middle East and they are taking six of my paintings on the plane with them, four candy paintings and two still lifes. They found me through your website by Googling “New York artists”.
Douglas Newton, Artist

I’m also going to be showing with the gallery from Abu Dhabi and they found me on your site. Hope all is well with you.
Judith Corman-Miller, Artist

Your site provides me with wonderful added exposure worldwide.
Paul Russo, Artist

First, I would like to thank you for your website. I have gotten so many responses….Just to mention a few…. I have been included in many publications all over the world. “Protein Spotlight,” a swiss journal of medicine used my old woman to illustrate an article on genetics to prolong life. “Ignition Magazine,” an English magazine did an interview and article about me and my worrk. The cover of “Off Our Backs,” a feminist magazine published in Washington, used one of my old woman images for their December cover! All this has happened within the last few months thanks to New York artists.net. I was called by a man in December about organizing events in restaurants by exhibiting artists paintings matched with local vineyards wine tastings. Apparently they have been very successful on the west coast!
Judy Somerville, Artist

I just wanted to let you know that I got three responses from newyorkartists.net in one day. One was from a shop in Nigeria, the other was a VP at JP Morgan Chase in Texas and the last was from a dealer in Williamsburg who is interested in giving me a show in October….I’ve gotten a great response from New York Artists Online…. I sold one large painting and I will be having a show in Woodstock in August…thanks for your terrific site. I’ve gotten a lot of interest and projects this past year from your website. One of my paintings is on the cover of a book, a hospital in New Hampshire is interested in purchasing prints of my old people for their geriatric department and probably many other things have come from NewYorkArtists.net. Thanks for your website.Thanks so much for your site!
Judy Somerville, Artist

The NewYorkArtists.net site has helped me in unusual ways. Once, when I was having an exhibition in an upstate New York venue, the reviewer for the local paper was unable to attend my show because she had the flu. However, since my press release told her about the site, she went there, downloaded two of the images and wrote a review about my work which was then published.
Deirdre Leber, Artist

The site has been helpful to me, not only by letting my friends who live out of the area see my work, but it has helped me sell two major works… A corporate buyer and an art consultant both used the site as reference in making decisions to purchase work. I think it is a great site and I have told other artist friends about it.
Judith S. Miller, Artist

Several weeks ago I was contacted by aol. Seems my work was chosen to be one of three evergreen local artist’s site on their digitalcity.com e-zine! When I asked the San Diego based writer how she found my work she said, “Surfing the web I came across a ‘clearing house’ for New York artists.” Well, I’m listed in a few places, but when she said that Xu Xi was one of the others chosen, I knew it had to be NewYorkArtists.net! So thanks again for all your efforts — it’s really paying off!
Fran Beallor, Artist

What an outstanding service Gloria provides by providing a first class exhibition Space for New York Artists and an important resource for Artists, Art Educators and New York Culture. Gloria provides so many benefits for her members, including social media visibility and promotion. Gloria is dedicated to the success of her members!
— Barbra Drizin, Start from Scratch Social Media