Scott Wixon:  Paintings

Scott Wixon

Scott lives in New York City. He grew up on Cape Cod and returns there often. He has a love of nature and the sea but also enjoys the energy of the city.  He is a museum professional and has traveled extensively and sampled the art and culture of the world.  All of these influences and passions have informed and affected his work.  He has exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Guggenheim Museum. He has artworks in the Guggenheim Museum permanent collection, as well as in private and corporate collections. Scott earned his MFA from Yale.

“Color has always been extremely important to me and is one of the defining elements of my work. Over the years I have developed a personal vocabulary of shapes and gestures. The current work is exclusively from my imagination. When I start a new painting, I usually have only a preliminary idea. I start to paint and my structure develops as I go along reacting to what has come before. When I am painting, I feel confident that I can totally trust my intuition and make the right decisions.”

“All kinds of abstract elements crowd Mr. Wixon’s modestly sized canvases. Puzzling together biomorphic, expressionistic, geological, spacey and funky forms in confectionery colors, he creates dense jazzy improvisations of infectiously playful freedom.”

Ken Johnson New York Times

Scott Wixon likes colors quite as astounding and full of impact as the color field painters of the 1960’s, but he puts them into amorphous and undulating shapes that are totally disarming.”


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