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Alfaro Carozzi, Rosa

This painting is titled "Dinner at the Met." My paintings are narratives in which the viewer is invited to watch a scene closely and wonder. The scene has stopped in time allowing the viewer to observe.

Barry, Beth

abstract acrylic,,multilayered landscape and seascape images.

Beallor, Fran

Realist, traditional oil paintings with a contemporary twist. Figures, still lifes, interiors, portraits, murals - commissions and art lessons available.

Beck, Jeanne

Jeanne Beck's luminous, sculptural works for the wall are constructed from industrial material, papers and found or invented texts. Jeanne applies metallic leaf and then distresses, paints and screen prints them.

Brodkin, Ed

Mixed media paintings that are, "at once thoughtful and tactile, visually powerful and rich in meaning"

Field, Heather

Abstract surrealism with many influences different Era and styles.


Paintings that tell stories in poetic rather than narrative form: choreographic lines representing characters travelling through geometric spaces/places evolving much like a novel or a symphony.

Jacaruso, Betsy

Luminous Landscapes and Botanicals in Watercolor

Kvarnstrom, Arthur

Watercolors abstracted from nature with a focus on relationships of colors, forms, shapes and rhythm.

Leber, Deirdre

Representational paintings that are a synthesis of sketches from life and the imagination--a dialogue between the observed and the remembered, the planned and the surprise that happens on a canvas

Melvin, Patricia

Cityscapes and landscapes, subject matter that might be considered commonplace but has a magical quality.

Migliore-Newton, Kathleen

Canvases peopled with characters, both real and imaginary. They often have a layer of private meaning, and provide an invitation to the viewer's imagination.

Miller, Judith S.

Paintings that show beauty and complexity when light and shadow overlap, intersect and combine to create shapes in space.

Mukhtar, Helene

Paintings that combine abstract and figurative elements. Drawings and collages that inject humor and amusing associations. Bright, muscular colors evoke the world of cartoons and create visual impact.

Newton, Douglas

I paint subjects that have an unexpected beauty that I can translate into oil paint. In all these paintings, my emphasis is on light, color, texture and atmosphere.

Oberst, Carolyn

My paintings reflect childhood, dreams, and flights of fancy, bringing past, present and future together in one expansive, dream-like space. They’re Serious, yet full of joy. Using oil on canvas and paper.

Pol, Mark

In the early stage of a painting, Mark Pol draws his thoughts and dreams with a pencil and then continues his vision with a basis of oil - or acryl paint on canvas. The expression of Mark Pol are often too much for the two di

Rabinowitz, Gloria

Vibrant landscapes, cityscapes and sunset paintings in oil, encaustic, watercolor and pastel. New work includes couples embracing and kissing.

Rachko, Barbara

A series of pastel paintings that use cultural objects--Mexican masks, carved wooden animals, papier mache figures, and children's toys--in a lively blend of reality and fantasy.

Rapaport, Lester

Joyous paintings that celebrate the spiritual experience of meditation.

Raphael, Caren

Paintings inspired by the patterning and beauty of organic forms, their order and their persistent vulnerability to chaos

Rogers, Don

Searching for color.

Shapiro, MIchal

Abstract art: paintings, collages and mosaics; much of it using recycled media. Paintings have been used in Movies and TV series, most notably Mad Men.

Silver, Joyce

Work that exists on the border between Realism and Abstraction, where things are not always what they seem. Strong color and bold design play with distortions of space and form.

Somerville, Judy

Paintings in a variety of subject matter--Americana, Cityscapes and Elderly People-- that combine and show the beauty and importance of art and science.

Wixon, Scott

Color has always been extremely important to me and is one of the defining elements of my work. I start to paint and my structure develops as I go along reacting to what has come before.