Nick Savides:  Paintings


Graduated from Brandeis  University, Magna Cum Laude with Highest Honors in Fine Arts.  Studied under  Paul Georges

Solo Exhibitions (Selected/Recent)

Charaple Gallery, New York, 2016, “Recent Paintings”

The Good Gallery, Kent, CT, 2016, “Expressions”

Berkeley College Art Gallery,  New  York, 2015, “New York Icons”

Berkeley College Art Gallery, 2014,  New York, “New York”

Geary Gallery, 2013, Darien, CT, “Nick Savides:  Contemplating Time, Light, and Space”

Berkeley College Art Gallery, 2012,  Brooklyn, Retrospective, “Nick Savides: Reflections on Realism,  Paintings from 1979-2012″

Nabi Gallery, New York, 2009, Solo,  “New York – Paris”


Group  Shows (Selected/Recent)

Affordable Art Fair NYC – UGallery, 2017

215 W125th St, NYC, 2017, New York Cityscapes

Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY, 2017, Members Show

Dacia Gallery, New York, 2016, Six Years Anniversary Exhibit

Gallery North, Setauket, NY, 2016, “Bridges: The Street Painters”

Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2016, “REversion 2016 – A Figurative & Portraiture Art Exhibition”

Dacia Gallery, New York, 2016, “Landscapes and Cityscapes”

Connoisseur Fine Arts, Bedminster, NJ, 2016

Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY, 2016, Members Show

Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY, 2015, “Small Matters of Great Importance – Light and Shadow”

The White Gallery, Lakeville, CT, 2015, “Winter Warmer”

Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY, 2015

“Landscapes”, The White Gallery, Lakeville, CT, 2014

Geary Gallery, Darien, CT,  2014

Connoisseur Fine Arts, Bedminster, NJ, 2014

Bowery Gallery National Competition, New York, 2013


My paintings have a calming effect, but with a quiet intensity. There is a stillness about them, as if time was slowed down, and then suspended.

I’m inspired by the effects of light and the drama created by light. Influenced by artists such as Johannes Vermeer and Edward Hopper, I strive to create paintings that capture a sense of time and place, making that moment eternal.  They draw you in with the familiar and invite you to interpret the story behind them.

The artistic process is a journey reflecting life’s journey — one of discovery and expression. Each painting that I make is a stop on that journey that I would like to share and make a connection.

My paintings are inspired by the people I’ve known, and the places I’ve lived and traveled to. I am interested in the relationship between people and their environment. Although they are often set in public spaces and feature well known icons, each one is a deeply personal statement and a celebration of the beauty of nature and humanity.


Nick Savides learned to paint  from his mother at three years old and hasn’t stopped since.  Inspired by  the works of Edward Hopper, the quiet energy within his art captures a palpable  sensation of both light and place.  The paintings’ range encompasses urban  scenes and architecture, landscapes and nature, and the figure and portraiture.

After graduating with Highest Honors in Fine Arts from Brandeis University, where he studied under Paul Georges, Nick began a career as an American Realist painter.   Starting out, he focused on paintings of people in interior settings, drawing on  Jan Vermeer as an influence. It was then that the effects of light became ─ and  stayed ─ a key ingredient in his paintings. The paintings capture a sense of  time and place with a certain understatement, as many of the titles would  suggest, such as “Wall Street – Early Morning” or “Grand Canyon at Sunrise”.   They grip you by inviting you in with the familiar and showing you more than you  expected.  As Val Schaffner writes, “Beyond the carefully rendered beauty,  complexity, and calm of his art, there is mystery: a sense of something about to  be discovered.”

Since his first solo show in 1980, he has exhibited in  many group and solo shows in New York City, as well as Massachusetts, Long  Island, upstate New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.  His work is included in numerous  private and public collections, and was featured on June Middleton’s “Minding  Your Business,” which aired on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in 2010.   Twice published by Nabi Press, he recently had a retrospective at Berkeley  College (March 5 – April 27, 2012).


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