Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I join New York Artists Online and get more exposure for my artwork?
    [New York Artists Online is currently closed to new members. Please disregard anything on this page relating to new membership or new registration.] You can begin by reading our Membership Information page and learning about the Plans we offer artists to gain greater exposure for their work. You can choose one of five different Plans.
  2. Can anyone join New York Artists Online?
    Members must agree that their work is of the highest quality in order to join New York Artists Online. New York Artists Online reserves the right to accept or reject work in order to maintain the highest level of quality on We accept artists outside of New York and even outside of the United States who hope to get more exposure in the New York marketplace.
  3. New Member Registration: IMPORTANT PAYPAL INFORMATION
    [New York Artists Online is currently closed to new members. Please disregard any instructions relating to new membership.] New Members register at the “Register” link, found on the left menu under Membership, and pay through PayPal. You will then be taken back to, where you can Login. The Registration process will not  be complete unless you follow this process.
  4. USERNAMES: Please make sure your username is firstnamelastname if you want your URL to be:
  5. Where do I log in?
    The Login link is located on left menu under Membership. After Login, you will be taken to your “DASHBOARD: MY ACCOUNT”.
  6. Please upload a thumbnail image and description of your work on the first login. If you don’t do this right after Registration, there will be a blank white thumbnail next to your name on the Category listing without any description of your artwork. This will not look professional from your standpoint or from ours. Thank you.
  7. I’m already a Member on Member, what do I do now?
    Login with the username and password you were given by Gloria Rabinowitz. If you lost it, please email her (if you have her email address). If you don’t have her email address, please use the Contact Form and ask her for your username and password. After you get that information, please Login (the Login link is located on left menu under Membership). You will be taken to your “DASHBOARD: MY ACCOUNT”.
    Your “Dashboard: My Account” lists your Plan, expiration date and other information you entered during the Registration process. You can Upgrade your Account in your Dashboard and you go to MANAGE GALLERY (the green button on the upper-right side) from your Dashboard.
  9. How do I upload images and add content to my webpage?
    Click the GREEN MANAGE GALLERY button on the right-side of the Dashboard. You will be taken to a new page — GALLERY MANAGEMENT.
    You upload all images and content of your page in GALLERY MANAGEMENT.
  11. How should I title my image files?
    Please name your image files with: lastname-first3lettersoffirstname-abbreviatedtitle (all lowercase).
  12. What size should my images be?
    Thumbnail images should be 75 pixels x 75 pixels at 72 dpi. Gallery Images should be 550 pixel maximum height and 800 pixel maximum width at 72 dpi.
  13. What is the process to upload images?
    To upload your thumbnail image, click “Choose File” under the text, “UPLOAD THUMBNAIL IMAGE”, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green “Update” button. To upload your gallery images, click, “Choose File” under the text “UPLOAD GALLERY IMAGE,” then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green “Update” button. This process has to be repeated for each image you upload — you must click the green UPDATE button after each image you upload. After the images are uploaded, type in the title of your artwork, the medium and the ALT tag (which can be your name and/or the title of your work, or how you would like the image to be found by Search Engines) — and click the green Update button.
  14. Am I able to sort my images once I upload them?
    Yes. Scroll to the bottom of the Gallery Management page. You will see a listing of the titles of your artworks. Click and drag the titles in the order you want your images to appear. Click the green “Update” button when you are finished. Your sorted images will not show in Manage Gallery. Your sorted images will show the sorted order on your webage.
  15. My gallery images are not sorting — what did I do wrong?
    Your images will not show the sort in Manage Gallery. Click the “Update” button in your Gallery and view the webpage in your web browser. The sorting will show up on your webpage.
  16. How do I add page content?
    Add page content in Gallery Management in the fields specified for text. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green button “Update” after you put in your text.
  17. Can I change my images during the year?
    Yes, you can change your images as often as you like. You have full control of your Gallery and the sorting of your images.
  18. What is the duration of Artist Membership?
    Artist Membership is for a period of one year.
  19. How can I RENEW and/or UPGRADE my Plan?
    You can renew and upgrade your work at any time. Please click the UPGRADE/RENEW button on your DASHBOARD. You will then need to go to Prices, Plans and Ad Payment to renew.
  20. What happens if I don’t renew or I’m late in payment?
    If your don’t renew and/or are late in payment, your page is suspended and is not seen publicly. Once you make payment, the Administrator is notified and your webpage is re-published (seen publicly).
  21. What if I want to advertise and not become an Artist Member?
    There are many opportunities New York Artists Online offers to increase web traffic to your business. You can advertise through featured thumbnails, small ads and banner ads on the home page of or on all the internal pages of the website. Please Contact Us for advertising.
  22. Where is the Price List for advertising and other services you offer?
    The price list for advertising and other services can be seen at the Prices, Plans and Ad Payment page and on the Advertising Rates page. These links can also be found on the left-side menu.
  23. What do you do for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
    All artist webpages and images have been optimized with titles and tags. New York Artists Online has been on the Web since 1999. We are ranked among the top five websites in all major search engines for New York artists. On most of them we are ranked number one. We guarantee that you will receive greater exposure aligning yourself, your business or organization with Please read our Testimonials.
  24. Is there anything I can do to optimize my page on New York Artists Online for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
    Definitely, yes!! If you have an Artist Membership Plan with a webpage, please Login. In MANAGE GALLERY, I suggest you begin your page with these phrases below (where it says, “Brief Resume, Artist Statement”)
    Subject Matter: (write the subject matter you work in)
    Medium (or Media):
    (write the kinds of media you work in)
    By doing this, you will be found more easily on New York Artists Online’s Search and more keywords will be added to your content page for Search Engines to index. Please make sure you put your name somewhere in the Content area. Make your artist’s statement as specific as you can — describing the kind of work that you do.
  25. I’d like to be listed among your Resources — how does that work?
    [We are no longer adding to the artist resources’ pages. Please ignore the following sentences.] We ask for a  small one-time contribution of $25.00 to list your art resource. You can contribute here: Prices, Plans and Ad Payment. We welcome and are grateful when organizations and businesses contribute yearly. Gloria Rabinowitz maintains New York Artists Online, through her own hard work, with little help from others. She works full-time as an art teacher and part-time as a yoga teacher. She loves what she does on New York Artists Online, helping other artists further their artistic careers.