Deirdre Leber:  Paintings

1999 The Coffey Gallery, Kingston, NY; 1993 Hampshire College Gallery, Amherst, MA

2001 Mill Atelier Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; 2000  Mark Gruber Gallery, New Paltz, NY;
1999 Ceres Gallery, New York, NY; 1995 G.W. Einstein Gallery, New York, NY;
1993 Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY;
1990 National Academy of Design, New York, NY;
1986 Albany Institute of Art, Albany, NY

My paintings, synthesized from sketches from life and from my imagination, are a dialogue between the observed and the remembered, the planned and the surprise that happens on the canvas.  Domestic interiors and landscapes are the settings for my archetypal women, men and children.  Their actions are ordinary ones which I find to be the most meaningful because these are experiences to which everyone can relate.
My paintings are open ended.  I leave it to the viewer to imagine what might happen next.

With my palette knife I lay the paint down thickly.  I layer one color over another, mixing warm and cool hues, gradually building an expressive surface.  Once I have composed the image on the canvas, the physical process of painting takes over.  Often, after the work is done, I discover shapes, connections between figures and their surroundings that I had not consciously planned, which add meaning and mood to the image. That sense of surprise and discovery, a window into my subconscious, in one of the great joys of painting.

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