A Unique Exhibition: “Meet My Uterus”

Perri Neri: Waiting, giclee print, 16" x 20"

A Unique Exhibition: MEET MY UTERUS
Women Artists’ Response to the #WarOnWomen

The title of the show, “Meet My Uterus”, is catchy, provocative and in line with other feminist shows that are happening such as, “The Art of Resistance: The Exquisite Uterus”, organized by Helen Klebesadel in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, as part of a larger exhibition titled, “Power, Politics and Performance, and The Snatchel Project,” that has women knitting uteri and sending them to congressmen saying, “Hands off my uterus!  Here’s one of your own!” All this is in response to the #WarOnWomen currently being waged by federal, state and local governments around the world.

Who would have ever envisioned the need to fight for, of all things, contraception in 2012?  Women’s reproductive rights are being eroded.  Because of government interference with women’s healthcare decisions, these women artists felt the need to express their concerns in the way they know best. They have gotten creative with the image, the shape, the form, the essence of the uterus and we have presented them all in an exciting and visually arresting format of high density and over-the-top repetition of one thing: the uterus.

Ceres Gallery
547 West 27th St, Suite 201
New York, NY 10001

January 8th – February 2, 2013
Opening Reception:
Thursday, January 10, 2013, 6:00 – 8:00PM

Artists taking part in Ceres Gallery’s “Meet My Uterus” are: Marilyn Banner, Efany Benson, Cristina Biaggi, Dare Boles, JoAnn Brody, Sara Conklin, Harriet Fields, Frances Gialamas, Carol Goebel, Susan Grabel, Tania Kravath, Carole Kulikowski, Katherine Dolgy Ludwig, Christine Mottau, Perri Neri, Francine Perlman, Phyllis Rosser, Jocelyn Russell, Pamela Shields, Michelle Stone, Jenny Tango, Micaela Vivero and Ellen Wilkinson

Artwork above: © Perri Neri, “Waiting”, giclee print, 16″ x 20″

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