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Aaron Siskind Foundation

Individual Photographer’s Fellowship c/o School of Visual Arts, MFA Photography, 209 E. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010 Tel:   609.348.5650

Fellowship grants of up to $5,000 each for individuals working in still photography and photography-based media.

Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, INC.

380 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012 Tel:   212.226.0581

This program was conceived in order to recognize and support the serious, fully-committed artist. Twelve grants are awarded each year. Applications are reviewed by a panel of five professionals in the arts who have no affiliation with the Foundation.


CEC ARTSLINK, 435 Hudson Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10014 Tel:   212.643.1985

Provides support to U.S. artists, curators, presenters and nonprofit arts organizations undertaking projects in Central Europe, Russia and Eurasia. Applicants must be working with an artist or organization in that region and projects should be designed to benefit participants.


435 Hudson Street, 8th Floor, New York,NY 10014 Tel:   212.643.1985

Provides support to U.S. artists, curators, presenters and nonprofit arts organizations undertaking projects in Central Europe, Russia and Eurasia. Applicants must be working with an artist or organization in that region and projects should be designed to benefit participants.


6 West 48th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036-1802 Tel:   212.843.0403

The Asian Cultural Council supports cultural exchange between Asia and the United States in the performing and visual arts, primarily by providing individual fellowship grants to artists, scholars, students, and specialists from Asia for study, research, travel and creative work in the United States. Some grants are also awarded to Americans engaged in similar activities in Asia and to arts organizations and educational institutions for specific projects of particular significance to Asian-American cultural exchange.


1900 3rd Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco, CA 94128 Tel:   415.626.1248

To support and promote community-based interactive art and civic participation. For our purposes, interactive art means art that generates social participation. The process whereby this art is created, the means by which it is displayed and the character of the work itself should inspire immediate actions that connect people to one another in a larger communal context.


National Museum of the American Indian George Gustav Heye Center, 1 Bowling Green, New York, NY 10004 Tel:   212.514.3700

The National Museum of the American Indian shall recognize and affirm to Native communities and the non-Native public the historical and contemporary culture and cultural achievements of the Natives of the Western Hemisphere by advancing—in consultation, collaboration, and cooperation with Natives—knowledge and understanding of Native cultures, including art, history, and language, and by recognizing the museum’s special responsibility, through innovative public programming, research and collections, to protect, support, and enhance the development, maintenance, and perpetuation of Native culture and community.


Creative Capital Foundation, 15 Maiden Lane, 18th floor New York, NY 10038 Tel:   212.598.9900

It acts as a catalyst for the development of adventurous and imaginative ideas by supporting artists who pursue innovation in form and/or content in the performing and visual arts, film and video, and in emerging fields. We are committed to working in partnership with the artists whom we fund, providing advisory services and professional development assistance along with multi-faceted financial aid and promotional support throughout the life of each Creative Capital project.


Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Inc. 290 Pratt Street, Meriden,CT 06450 Tel:   203.639.5544

The Tremaine Foundation seeks to support the creation of thematic art exhibitions that are experimental, challenging, and focused. The award is not intended to provide funding for exhibitions already scheduled but to stimulate the development of a new idea. Museum curators and qualified individuals in partnership with an established nonprofit exhibition space are eligible to apply.


Power Up 419 N. Larchmont Blvd., #283, Los Angeles,CA 90004 Tel:   323.463.3154

To promote the visibility and integration of gay women in entertainment, the arts, and all forms of media. POWER UP’s members are women and men, gay and straight, who share a singular purpose – to promote diversity by supporting our mission.


1201 15th St. NW, Suite 330, Washington, DC 20005 Tel:   202.653.9800

Each year leading contemporary and traditional artists from the United States spend six months in Japan as part of the United States/Japan Creative Artists’ Program. They go as seekers, as cultural visionaries, and as living liaisons to the traditional and contemporary cultural life of Japan.


400 Sibley Street Suite 125,St. Paul, MN 55101-1928 Tel:   1.800.995.3766

The Jerome Foundation, created by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill (1905-1972), makes grants to support the creation and production of new artistic works by emerging artists, and contributes to the professional advancement of those artists.


Moon and Stars Project, Inc. P.O. Box 4814, New York, NY 10185 Tel:   212.229.1207

The Grants Department is another first for the Moon and Stars Project, and for the Turkish-American community as a whole. This department is focused solely on funding artists through a grants program – competitively awarded grants for burgeoning artists, exhibition awards, and merit-based grants.


52 Kahdena Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 Tel:   973.267.0952

The National Society of Arts and Letters’ objective is to encourage and assist promising young artists through arts competitions, scholarships and other career opportunities. This year’s big-money competitions are in voice and the visual arts. Individual chapters may be sponsoring other competitions in other disciplines.

New York Foundation for the Arts

20 Jay Street, 7th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Tel:   212-366-6900

The New York Foundation for the Arts’ mission is to empower artists at critical stages in their creative lives. Various grants and fellowships given to artists.


175 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014 Tel:   212.627.4455

NYSCA makes over 2500 grants each year to arts organizations
The New York State Council on the Arts is dedicated to preserving and expanding the rich and diverse cultural resources that are and will become the heritage of New York’s citizens.


New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) 155 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10013-1507 Tel:   212-366-6900

Fellowships are $7,000 to artists living and working in the state of New York. Grants are awarded in 16 artistic disciplines, with applications accepted in eight categories each year.


Public Art Fund, One East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022 Tel:   212.980.4575

It is New York’s leading presenter of artists’ projects, new commissions, installations, and exhibitions in public spaces. With twenty-five years of experience and an international reputation, the Public Art Fund identifies, coordinates, and realizes a diversity of major projects by both established and emerging artists throughout New York City.


University of Rhode Island Department of Art 1315 East-West Highway, SSMC3, #11460, Silver Spring, MD 20910 Tel:   401.874.2131

This grant is sponsored by the Fine Arts Center at the University of Rhode Island, was established in 1988 to encourage New England professional visual artists, collaborative artist teams, and curators to create and present work related to themes of the ocean and its coastal community.