Art Lesson: Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Cane Grade: 9th Grade Course: Ceramics – Polymer Clay Materials: Polymer clay, plexiglass, pasta machine, cutting razor, clay extruder, shaping tools, needle Aim:  To work with polymer clay making “canes” and "loaves". Instructional Objectives: Students will:
  • Condition polymer clay
  • Make coils (roll clay into thin “snake-like” forms)
  • Make a pattern with the coils of clay (a cane).
  • How many of people here have worked in clay before?
  • What kind of clay

Art Lesson: Introduction to Sculpture

Henry Moore: Two Large Forms 9th Grade High School Art Lesson by Gloria Rabinowitz Resources Used: Sculpture as Experience by Judith Peck PowerPoint presentation — What is Sculpture? Photo: Henry Moore -- Two Large Forms Aim:   To experience sculptural form through observation of the world around us, through a PowerPoint presentation showing examples of sculpture (Michelangelo, Henry Moore, Frank Stella, Rodin) and through the creation of a 3-dimensional object made out

Art Lesson: One Shape, Many Values

HS Art Lesson 9th Grade High School Art Lesson by Gloria Rabinowitz (Art work above: by Stephanie -- Yeshiva University High School for Girls) (Art work below: by Avigail -- Yeshiva University High School for Girls) OBJECTIVES: To create a design using one shape with many different values PROCEDURE: 1) Show and explain to students what a value scale is (a ten-step tonal scale going from light to dark) 1)    Choose