Three Books To Fully Inform An Artist’s Life

Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton

Three Books To Fully Inform An Artist’s Life

As an artist yourself, you understand how important it is to expose yourself to new concepts and explore ideas fully. No source of inspiration was ever replenished by staying in the same place all the time, figuratively speaking.

With that in mind, here are some books related to art that might interest you. Many of them explore some aspect of the New York art scene, and all of them examine facet of art as a field that an individual artist may not be familiar with. Thus, these books might help you become a better-informed member of your community.

The Art Instinct by Denis DuttonIn “Seven Days In The Art World,” author Sarah Thornton delves into the creation, marketing and collecting of contemporary art. She writes about blockbuster artists like Damien Hirst and Takashi Murakami, visits New York art auction houses and profiles high-flying art aficionados. All in all, it’s an eye-opening glimpse into parts of the art world that you, as a creator of art, may not have had the chance to explore fully.

Denis Dutton’s “The Art Instinct” asks why we need art in our lives, and explores the roots of why we value certain qualities in art. For instance, he hypothesizes that landscapes are popular because at the dawn of Homo sapiens, we appreciated being able to survey our surroundings for threats. “The Art Instinct” is rather academic and not all of Dutton’s ideas are accepted as gospel, but without question, it’s a very thought-provoking work.

The Accidental Masterpiece by MIchael Kimmelman“The Accidental Masterpiece” by New York Times regular contributor Michael Kimmelman tackles the ambitious subject of examining all the forms art can take. In 10 chapters, he moves from museum classics to more contemporary pieces to “junk art.” His overarching goal is to less to define what art is and more what it is about art that we as human beings respond to. His writing has been praised as informative without being like a textbook; one reviewer likened him to a warm and friendly college professor expounding on a favorite subject.

Bonus: The New York Art Book Fair was held in the Fall. Check out what critics are saying about some of the festival’s best offerings.

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