Still Life: 1970s Photorealism — Nassau County Museum of Art

Robert Cottingham, Orph, 1972, lithograph

Still Life: 1970s Photorealism — Nassau County Museum of Art, written by an anonymous guest blog writer.

For art inspiration you must go see the exhibition, “Still Life: 1970s Photorealism.”

The Nassau County Museum of Art is currently presenting an exhibition of artworks that will astound audiences as well as appeal to the artist inside us all. In addition to being an invaluable source of art inspiration, “Still Life: 1970s Photorealism,” is a snapshot into the artistic esthetic and sensibilities of the 1970s. An exhibition that presents among numerous themes the obsession with capturing the “real” in the visual realm, as well as a prolific display of artistic skill and mastery of mediums. This collection of artworks aspires to fool the eye with their photographic realistic qualities, executed in a meticulous and an awe inspiring fashion by some of the late twentieth century’s best known painters. A perennial visual treat, these notable examples of photorealism will have you gazing again and again at the power of art to capture our imagination and the sense that anything is possible. 

Duane Hanson’s “Man in Chair With Beer”

Photorealism, an enigmatic American art movement that came after the Vietnam War; sought to merge the documental, candid and gritty images of post-war America, and merge them with the slapstick, tongue-in-cheek flamboyance of Pop Art. In lieu of the 1960’s art concept that “painting was dead,” due to the growing role of the camera, the rise of video and the computer; photorealism steps in to assert and uphold the natural abilities of the artist and draw our attention with sheer time-honored artistic skills. Flush, smooth to the touch flat canvases; invisible brush strokes. The ideas of this movement where manifested mostly through amazing paintings that fool the eye with their photographic realistic quality, and in addition with remarkable three dimensional fiberglass and polyester resin cast sculptures of human figures, freeze framing a scene of the lifelike and anti-heroic. The movement, which still has relevance in the state of contemporary art, in essence holds up a mirror to our world and captures poetic moments from the banality of everyday life, preserving them for posterity to scrutinize.

This presentation, originally organized by the Yale University Art Gallery, is now on view through November 9, 2014, in the New York City metro area, and brings together masterpieces by artists such as Chuck Close, Robert Cottingham, Audrey Flack, Duane Hanson, Malcolm Morley, Idelle Weber and others. 

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Featured Image (top): Robert Cottingham, Orph, 1972, lithograph. Bottom image: Duane Hanson: “Man in Chair With Beer”


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  1. I think the art should have the artist style and freedom, and the drawing abilities…if you make art almost better than photos, and traced off…then what is the point?

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