Giclée Printing

FRan Beallor: Leap Frog Giclée Printing by Fran Beallor. I am pleased to introduce Fran Beallor's guest blog article on giclée printing. The article contains in-depth knowledge of the giclée fine art digital print — choosing which image to use, deciding upon the size of the print, finding a printer, how many prints to print, choosing a substrate, pricing, copyright and more. Please

Getting To The Business of Art

karen_friedland_world-away-detail “Getting To The Business of Art” by Karen Eve Friedland. I am pleased to present Ms. Friedland's guest blog article on the business of art. Read on -- you don't want to miss her great tips on how to sell artwork. Let me tell you a story, I met this woman who was redecorating her luxurious home and was very taken

Inspiration vs Perspiration in Art

Kelly L Kendrickson: It's About Time. Mixed Media Textile Art I am proud to present Guest Blog writer, Mixed Media Textile artist Kelly L Hendrickson.  Kelly began experimenting with textile art after dyeing her  first piece of fabric. From that start she discovered the challenge and joy of mixed media.  She writes on "Inspiration Vs. Perspiration in Art". I’m sure you’ve all heard the famous quote from Tomas Edison, “Genius is