Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices

Website Mobile Device Compatible: IPhone

Online Art Marketing: Should You Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices?

Art marketing in the online world is quite mainstream now as social media becomes the hub for little-known painters and photographers gaining sizeable audiences. And while that’s good news for the world of art, there always seems to be things that can be done better to reach more people. One of those is the constant evolution of websites and how they need to be customized to keep up with the latest online marketing trends. In order to stay competitive, artists have to start considering one thing that some businesses are still struggling to do: Overhaul their websites for mobile devices.

But it doesn’t stop there when you consider the details that go with the mobile territory. Keep in mind you have many of the world’s major art museums as inspiration in knowing it’s possible to showcase artwork for the smartphone and tablet format.

 The Problems of Adapting to Mobile

Your only issue in customizing your website so it fits in the mobile format is the money you might have to spend to make it that way. While you have customized services such as Mobify that can help you with more detail, they can be expensive. The cheapest customized mobile service is MoFuse at only $39 per month.

The good news is that if you just want the basics, programs like WP Touch Pro work in conjunction with WordPress to automatically format a WordPress site into mobile. With a one-time fee of only $59, it’s a very affordable option for an artist who doesn’t have money to burn.

Before you spend any money, though, be sure to use Google Analytics and study how many people are actually viewing your website artwork on mobile devices. If most of your audience still uses a desktop, you may want to wait a while. Nevertheless, with statistics now showing that 10% of all customers are viewing through a mobile device, it’s worth considering formatting now to be ahead of the curve.

Formatting Your Artwork for Mobile

For the sake of going mobile, you may want to consider not posting overly large photos of your artwork on your general website. That way, they’ll customize better when viewed on a mobile device. Regardless, make sure your photography, paintings, or other pieces of art show plenty of detail so those viewing on their smartphones can see the quality in your work.

Website Mobile Device Compatible: IPad

 Online Art Museums as Your Inspiration

Check out many of the major art museums online and view them on your mobile device to see how artwork looks in that format. Earlier this year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York took the initiative and provided a mobile-friendly version of their website. While their format is much more expensive and immersive, it can give you inspiration in how to market your artwork for the mobile crowd.

And if you need inspiration in being a better artist, come visit us at New York Artists Online. As a major source for New York artists and educators, we’re here to help you network as well as being a location where you can sell your work. Contact us for more information on our social media connections and how your artwork can easily be enjoyed by those at home or viewed by those on the go.

2 thoughts on “Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices

  1. Thanks for the great info and resource links. I’m sure that it took time to research and write the article. But it feels like you left out a step by *not* explaining why these re-formatting services are needed.
    When I view my personal WordPress artist blog on my iPad it looks just fine and the images of my art are quite large and centered. So I see no need for a reformatting service. I just visited a large museum site using my iPad and there were no formatting issues–it looked fine. Perhaps a before and after image showing issues and corrections would clarify?

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Marie. Before and after pictures is a good idea. You are correct — some websites are not “formatted” for mobile devices, but look good nevertheless. When you see sites that are formatted for mobile devices, you can clearly see the difference. Please look at Ed Brodkin’s website on a computer and a mobile device (iPhone or IPad): edbrodkin.newyorkartists.net. You will see a big difference.

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