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Please use this post to introduce yourself and your work.

My name is Gloria Rabinowitz. I knew I was in love with art when I first saw the whimsical illustrations in my favorite book as a child — Aesop’s Fables. I would read the stories and spend hours upon hours copying the illustrations. I pursued copying drawings throughout my youth and teenage years. After many changes of mind in possible careers (waitress, actress, policewoman, nurse, anthropologist, medical doctor, among others), I decided I wanted to spend my life doing what I love — creating art. I teach art in high school and it has given me the opportunity to work in many mediums — painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and photography. My current love is working in encaustic (picture attached).

Encaustic painting is a wax based paint composed of  beeswax, resin and pigment. The paint sticks are heated on a surface (hot plate) and the liquid wax is painted with a brush on an inflexible surface (wood, masonite, ceramic, etc.). Once the wax is applied to the surface, it is re-heated again (with a heat gun) to “fuse” the surface. Encaustic can be carved, scraped, layered, collaged, modeled, sculpted, textured, polished to a gloss surface and combined with oil, pastel, charcoal and other media. It is an incredibly, exploratory, creative process.

The direct link to my portfolio can be found here: http://beautyartyoga.newyorkartists.net/gloriarabinowitz-portfolio/. Please click on the Navigation Menu PORTFOLIO to see the variety of work I do. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I started out as a fashion designer, but painting my own fabrics led me to fall in love with the act of painting and decide to become an artist instead.

    My experience with fabric and design inspired a connection to the still life genre and collage technique. These two impulses are used as the basis for my current series of oil paintings on gesso paper, which are based on abstracted images of vintage toys. These toys, unique and emblematic as the subject, serve as metaphors of innocence, which stimulates childhood memories creating an emotional impact.

    Our nostalgia for the imagined past the simple toys represent, juxtaposed against the animated, upbeat style of the work, which reflects the cultural expansion of our complicated modern lives, creates a tension, allowing these works to reflect the contradictory aspects of our contemporary life.
    You can see this work and more on my website: http://www.carolynoberst.com

  2. My mother was an artist and an art teacher. My father was an amateur photographer with a love of classical music. My childhood was filled with museums, concerts, theater and dance.
    I began serious art studies when I was 14, apprentice style with several amazing masters. My paintings started out dark and moody, in the chiaroscuro style of Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Later they lightened up to a brighter and more colorful palette, as my true voice emerged.

    Lately, I have become fascinated by the idea of creating still lifes that are not so still. Inspired by chaos theory, poetics and gravity, I paint objects falling through space. Adding reflective surfaces into the compositions, I bring figures and interiors into my not-so-still-lifes. In my Accidental Encounters series, I also include antique and ethnic toys that represent joy and abandon, suggesting another time and place.
    I travel whenever I can, collecting objects and toys that I will later paint. Most recently I was in Costa Rica, visiting active volcanoes, flying on mile long zip lines, hiking through lush rain forests and of course taking in the wonderful indigenous arts and crafts.

    At home, I teach privately, both adults and children. I also help students create wonderful portfolios for HS and College Auditions. I am very busy with a number of commissions now – a 16’ mural in a private home, a still life using my client’s personal objects, and several life sized full length portraits. Recently I was interviewed by Geobeats in their artist/expert series. Here is a link to one of the videos:
    You can see more of my work on my website:

  3. I was born and raised in Norway. I have been working as an artist in Manhattan for a very long time, but have always also kept up my ties with Europe.

    Mostly I paint and draw in series inspired by nature and my many residencies in the Everglades, FL, Costa Rica, Norway and Sweden. Edvard Munch was my hero when I grew up and the Munch Museum was my favorite place to visit. I also make box installations about the merging of electronic and organic life.

    You may visit my web site http://marlow.neoimages.net . I am a member of NBK – Association of Norwegian professional artists.

  4. I just found your website. I am a jewelry artist and would like to be a part of your site. Do you include artists that work in all mediums?

    • Your art is an expression of your kind and bfeutiaul soul and you can see the joy in it. Having you capture the essence of my adventure to India, and in some small way my own soul, has been humbling and a real honor. Merci.

  5. I would like to announce the 20th annual BBC Fine Arts and Crafts show in NYC. It is one day Sat. May 18th 2013. We will have aprox. 175 artists. The app opens Jsn.30 and closes Mar. 30 2013, please apply i have done the show for the last three years and it is a really good show with great foot traffic. The old name for the show is Ye Olde Village Fair, go to the BBC website for more info. If its not up, it will all be up by Jan. 15 2013. see you there, stacey miller

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