Mother Nature: the Creator of Art

Stalina Roubinova: Birch Bark

New York Artists Online ( highlights the artwork of Stalina Roubinova, who makes unique pictures from natural birch bark, but the true creator is Mother Nature. Stalina goes into the forest and looks for pieces of birch bark with fascinating patterns, textures and different colors on a dead tree. This is a difficult, extremely time-consuming job. Sometimes she uses moss, fungi, nodes etc., that naturally grow on the bark. She can use the outside or the inside of the bark. The next stage is to clean the bark, to flatten the pieces, to dry them and then spray several protective layers of fixative. Every piece is one of a kind. Stalina never draws, never colors nor uses glue. She says,”NATURE IS CREATOR! NATURE IS THE BEST ARTIST!”

Stalina Roubinova’s work can be seen on this page,, as well as on her individual website:

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