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Instagram Marketing for Artists: The Secrets to Keeping Your Artwork Safe and Making Profit

Marketing for artists in the social media world has become a growing trend that’s helped many artists sell more work than ever. But what about more visual Instagram that’s now growing in spades to include more marketing possibilities? Many artists are starting to gravitate there while using the site in various smart ways to keep their posted images safe from digital thieves.


Instagram is a Good Place to Showcase Who You are as an Artist

The advantage to Instagram is the easy ability to show evidence of your work while having plenty of immediate information available about who you are. Because so much of artist marketing on social media is creating a compelling story around why you create, those who discover you will understand the meaning behind your art projects. And when your art can be understood, you’ll increase your fans.

 What’s the Best Way to Promote Yourself on Instagram?

Hashtags are the usual methods to getting noticed on social media, and that can be done by using a ‘#’ to the left of a word or phrase that goes into a live stream. It works basically the same on Instagram, though you can also do simple local searches for artists with Instagram accounts. By commenting on their work, they’ll follow you and create a web of connections that could be valuable in direct sales or leading to you showcasing your work in a local museum.

 What About Sales Beyond Local?

As of now, Instagram doesn’t let you sell your artwork directly through their site. This doesn’t mean that you can’t provide a direct link to monetary pipelines like PayPal or for someone to instantly buy a posted piece. However, because there’s some slight limitations in the quality of pictures you can post on Instagram, it’s best to just tempt people. Sometimes it’s better to merely preview your work as an enticement to click on your webpage. There, they can see a higher quality image and buy your artwork directly through you.


Security for Your Images

No matter whether you’re a painter or photographer, your images could possibly be used without permission from Instagram or from anywhere online. That’s why you should place a watermark or other identifier on your posted images as a preventative. As well, many artists who entice people to click on their website only show part of an artwork image as a way toward creating more curiosity.

Yes, as valuable as Instagram is becoming for artists, it’s still an untamed jungle that’s going to be slowly refined through the decade. Regardless, the economic potential for artists may change worldwide with Instagram’s emerging ability to give a clearer picture of an artist’s vision.

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