Facebook Business Page: Five Steps to Success

Facebook Business Page: Five Steps to Success

I am pleased to welcome Guest Blog writer, Barbra Drizin, social media expert (Start From Scratch Social Media) who writes on “Five Steps to Success with Your Facebook Business Page”

Your art is extremely personal to you.  Your goals are to present your art to the public, reach new people, build relationships, and obtain sales.

Over one billion people like and comment over 3.2 billion times every day on Facebook. Your strong presence allows your business to take part in these conversations and have access to powerful  of word-of-mouth marketing.

Your business page is the central place to build your brand and develop engaging relationships with ‘friends’ and potential customers.


1.  Get your Personal Facebook Business Page “URL” (web address)

This is very easy to do. Every Facebook Business page should claim their URL as soon as possible.

When you first sign up for a Facebook Business page, the URL address has a lot of numbers after it at the end. It may look like this:

(This is dead link and doesn’t go anywhere because I changed it)

You can customize the web address to tell people how to find your business page easily. This way, you will appear more professional.

To obtain your custom URL,go to www.facebook.com/username and choose carefully.  Ensure that your page name “brands” (describes) who you are.

AFTER: https://www.facebook.com/startfromscratchsocialmedia

2.  Follow the New Cover Photo Guidelines

Your COVER PHOTO is your primary place to “brand” yourself — to describe who you are and what you do.  Did you know Facebook has new COVER PHOTO rules?  Old Facebook rules did not allow you to put your website address on the COVER PHOTO. They also did now allow for “call to action text” — contact information.

Now the new rules permits 20% of your cover photo to include any text you choose.

New York Artists Online Facebook Cover

Gloria’s cover photo for New York Artists Online is an excellent example of a cover photo. She presents a variety of art, her logo, her website address, and an exact description (mission statement) of what her business is about.

3. Get your COVER PHOTO NEWS FEED Ready!

The Facebook News feed is the center column of your Facebook Home Page. It’s a constantly updating list of stories from people and Pages that you follow on Facebook. Facebook is in the midst of rolling out a new look for the NEWS FEED, and this includes a new way for your Cover Photo to be visible in the News feed (Everyone has their own, unique News feed, because each person has their own set of friends and pages they have liked that appear on the News feed).

How is Facebook changing the Cover Photo on News feeds? When they “roll out” the change, your stories will show on your Friends’ News Feeds with a cut off version of your Cover Photo.

Here is an example of how your cover photo would appear if a new fan “likes” your page



It’s a vertically cropped version of the Page’s cover photo — together with the page’s profile image

Make sure that the bottom 30% of your cover photo is “branded” and you broadcast what your page is on the bottom. That area is a very important piece of real estate in the updated News Feed.

If that feature hasn’t been rolled out to your News feed yet, you will note that Facebook has also rolled out a new view for your Personal Page.  When you like a Page, the Profile Pic will appear on your personal page for your friends to see what you like and give them curiosity to find out about those Pages.

Here is an example of my personal page likes.



On which Pages do you immediately know what the page is about?

The most recent pages liked will appear.

4.  Hide the LIKE tab…there are so many Custom Tabs that are more useful!

Did you know that if someone clicks on the Lke Tab, the Insights on your page activity appears,  and if your activity is low or engagement is not up to par lately, it could turn off would-be fans…

As an example, I clicked on the “Likes” of NewYorkArtists.net member, Kelly L. Henrickson. This is what appeared:



Kelly has been working very hard on her “engagement” — because of this, very positive Insights appear. She has been taking advantage of Gloria Rabinowitz’s groups and personal Social Media lessons to bring her Likes from 29 to over 100 in two weeks!

(Note: Gloria Rabinowitz owns and runs New York Artists Online’s website and blog. She just created a new group on Facebook:  “New York Artist Online – Worldwide Exposure”)


5. Write Engaging, Interesting, Exciting POSTS.

Figuring out the best way to post can be challenging.  Artists are at an advantage, because PHOTOS ARE THE NUMBER ONE CONTENT STRATEGY.


Here Are Some Posting Tips:

  • Ask a Question…and be direct. Don’t ask open ended questions. Giving people an easy choice of answers will result in more comments and engagement.
  • Keep it short: it’s very crowded on Facebook, and most people tend to skim through posts quickly.
  • Give a clear Call-To-Action: Tell people EXACTLY what to do.  ie: “Click Like if you agree and comment if you don’t.”
  • Offer valuable information: Post just enough to entice an action.

Your goal on Facebook (and other social networks) is often to get people to visit your website. Accomplishing that goal requires giving readers a reason to click your link.

Don’t write all the information in your post. Tease or excite. They will click your link.

Written by, Barbra Drizin,
Social Media Tutor, Trainer, and Manager for the “Ready-to-be-Tech Savvy”

Need Social Media Assistance?
Email Barbra at barbra@socialmediaeducators.com
or call 408 438 3507.

Kelly L Kendrickson
Webiste: http://www.kellylhendrickson.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KellyLHendricksonartist


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