Awakening Your Art Inspiration


Awakening Your Art Inspiration, written by an anonymous guest blogger.

How often do you run out of ideas? Does every artist suffer from “artist’s block?” Perhaps I am not alone. We all may instinctively be searching for art inspiration on a daily basis, without even consciously recognizing what we are taking in visually, emotionally, or physically and its potential effect on our senses, health and mental well-being.

When we become keenly aware of these effects, we may find stimulation and motivation to utilize our artistic gifts to paint, draw, sculpt or create something extraordinary or expressive. For example, how many times do you walk down the same street on your way to catch the train? If you are like most of us who tend to always be in a hurry to get somewhere, you may take for granted the scenery – whether positive or negative – and its imprint on your thought processes.

Courbet: Self Portrait with a PipeThink Realism: Courbet or Slice of life: Edgar Degas

From the homeless man with his shaggy beard, torn cap, and holey shoes, hand shaking uncontrollably as he holds his tin can out begging for money to the display of brilliant lights, bold black and white dresses, crisp pressed suits on the mannequins staring at you from the department store window, there is Art inspiration in almost everything we see every day, if only we take the time to see it, feel it, and process it.


Romare BeardenThink Sounds: Romare Bearden or Time: Claude Monet

Can it make or break the start of your day, if it’s pouring rain and you can’t seem to hail a taxi and you forgot your umbrella? What about the sound of the rain against the cars bustling down the crowded street? Or when was the last time you took a few deep breaths to smell the rainfall? What about the scenic splash of puddles as tires slip to a stop next to the curb? Or the sound of the windshield wipers once you get in the taxi?

Think Cityscape: Georgia O’Keeffe or Nature: Vincent Van Gogh

Or maybe it’s the way the raindrops dance on the window as you gaze out watching the skyscrapers and crowds of people passing by instead of glancing at your watch again. When was the last time you stopped to feel the drops of rain lingering on your cheek? Or actually reflect on the void look in the eyes of your taxi driver who seems completely unfazed by the clamor of horns as cars fight to merge between puddles and drenched people trying to escape the downpour? Do you notice any smiling faces? Or do you see the absence of any expression and wonder why?

The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing

Awakening your art inspiration can be achieved without serious difficulty if we stop to observe things we see every day and ask ourselves why? I believe there is art inspiration behind every answer in the people, places and things we encounter.

Don’t rush tomorrow. Be late if that is what it takes to truly see the world around you and not just your own world. Art inspiration can certainly come from within, however, we do control what gets inside and what we choose to do with it.

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Images (from top to bottom):
Georgia O’Keefe (detail)
Gustave Courbet
Romare Bearden
Vincent Van Gogh

One thought on “Awakening Your Art Inspiration

  1. I have this personal theory that there are artists that observe the exterior world and portray what they observe from nature and then there are artists that express their own inner nature. Colors, shapes, shadows and forms are all part of the visual language expressed in each individual artwork. How an artwork is interpreted varies with each individual and their experiences in the world.

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