Art: It’s About A Feeling

Art: It’s About A Feeling, written by an anonymous guest blog writer.

Have you ever walked in to a house, possibly your own, and smelled warm cookies just out of the oven? Have you ever worked a long hard day but gotten more than you thought you ever could accomplished? What about stood out by the ocean on a beautiful day and watched the tide roll in?

This is The Life of An Artist. During all that torment of working through that piece you finally get the end product. When you get there it is a plate of warm cookies, it is a hard day, week, month or even longer at work or a beautiful day at the ocean. Sometimes the feeling does not sweep over you right away it creeps up on you like that tide. It flows through your body.

Dina Herrmann, "Music in the Sky"

Art is not just something you do, it is who you are. Every piece you do if it be music, sculpture, writing or painting has your personal signature on it. It is an extension of yourself.

That personal signature extends to anyone who sees, hears, reads or feels your work of art. That feeling has no price tag as much as we like to make a few dollars. That feeling has more worth than gold and if you were ever told you could not let that passion out of your body you would be devastated. So many previous artist have been celebrated for their ability to find anything and everything and make it in to art. That is what being an artist truly is, putting your feelings out there for the world and letting them feel it with you.

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Image: “Music in the Sky” “20”x24″ by Dina Herrmann
Dina Herrmann

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