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I own and manage New York Artists Online (NewYorkArtists.net), an exhibition space for New York artists and an important resource for artists, art educators and New York culture. We are now welcoming worldwide artists the benefits of artist membership. I'm a professional artist, I teach art and I teach yoga as well. Teaching inspires me and allows me "the gift of giving". My goals as a teacher are to instill and inspire: STRENGTH of mind, PEACE in oneself, CREATIVITY to explore, EXCELLENCE in academics and KINDNESS towards others.

Art Inspiration: What Inspires You?

cancun Sometimes I get inspired by tranquility. Sometimes I get inspired by the bountiful, effervescent colors of nature. For many years, as a landscape painter, my greatest pleasure was to sit amidst the glory of nature and see how light and shadow effect the colors around me. Natural forms -- their size, their texture, their patterns, their repetition, their symmetry and

Emergency Assistance for Artists

Damage from Hurricane Sandy Artist Relief Due to Hurricane Sandy: Artists, please note: if any of your work or live/work space has been damaged, take pictures and keep receipts of whatever you spend during this time. *Self-employed people are eligible for 'disaster unemployment insurance'* in areas where a federal declaration of disaster has been declared. About.com explains more: http://jobsearch.about.com/od/unemployment/g/disasterunemployment.htm <http://www.icebase.com/go2.shtml?8SzR9jgFZtYEmdBz/98ac3d202cd85aea/be36a32c17471c50/ulaeinstein8@gmail.com> *LMCC's Emergency Grants List:*

Art Lesson: Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Cane Grade: 9th Grade Course: Ceramics – Polymer Clay Materials: Polymer clay, plexiglass, pasta machine, cutting razor, clay extruder, shaping tools, needle Aim:  To work with polymer clay making “canes” and "loaves". Instructional Objectives: Students will:
  • Condition polymer clay
  • Make coils (roll clay into thin “snake-like” forms)
  • Make a pattern with the coils of clay (a cane).
  • How many of people here have worked in clay before?
  • What kind of clay

Gilding Workshop

fitzgerald-gilding Presented by Karen Fitzgerald January 21, 2013, 10am – 4pm Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 31-51 12th Street, 2nd Floor, Long Island City, NY 11106 • Substrates and their preparation • Types of gilding size and their uses (what adheres the leaf) • Gilding leaf; handling gold • How to gild large areas, linear areas; chance processes in gilding • Skewing gilded surfaces and sealing gilding • Gilding in