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I own and manage New York Artists Online (NewYorkArtists.net), an exhibition space for New York artists and an important resource for artists, art educators and New York culture. We are now welcoming worldwide artists the benefits of artist membership. I'm a professional artist, I teach art and I teach yoga as well. Teaching inspires me and allows me "the gift of giving". My goals as a teacher are to instill and inspire: STRENGTH of mind, PEACE in oneself, CREATIVITY to explore, EXCELLENCE in academics and KINDNESS towards others.

Learn How to Publish an iBook

Oil Painting Harmony, by Joyce Washor Saltzman Written by Joyce Washor Saltzman I am author of Watercolor Harmony: The Tao of the Complementary Palette and Oil Painting Harmony: The Tao of the Complementary Palette which are both IBooks, published on iTunes. I also published a book called, Big Art, Small Canvas, by North Light, in 2006. I was pleased when I held the soft cover book, Big Art,

What is Social Media? — Its Importance to Artists

Barbara Rachko: Facebook Custom Tags SOCIAL MEDIA is a well-used catch phrase, but what does it mean to artists? One meaning is the difference between marketing your work to hundreds or to tens of thousands. First, let's define Social Media. We know that "media" are tools for communication...like the newspaper, radio, and television. "SOCIAL MEDIA" makes communication social. Social Media does more than deliver information like a

A Unique Exhibition: “Meet My Uterus”

Perri Neri: Waiting, giclee print, 16" x 20" A Unique Exhibition: MEET MY UTERUS Women Artists’ Response to the #WarOnWomen The title of the show, "Meet My Uterus", is catchy, provocative and in line with other feminist shows that are happening such as, "The Art of Resistance: The Exquisite Uterus", organized by Helen Klebesadel in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, as part of a larger exhibition titled, "Power, Politics and Performance, and The

Current NY Art Shows

George Bellows Winter Afternoon Please feel free to comment on the current New York exhibitions listed and feel free to post information about your upcoming art shows. Please include a paragraph describing your work, dates of the exhibition, the art gallery and gallery address. Please include the your artist website at the bottom of the comment. Thank you for adding to this current listing