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I own and manage New York Artists Online (NewYorkArtists.net), an exhibition space for New York artists and an important resource for artists, art educators and New York culture. We are now welcoming worldwide artists the benefits of artist membership. I'm a professional artist, I teach art and I teach yoga as well. Teaching inspires me and allows me "the gift of giving". My goals as a teacher are to instill and inspire: STRENGTH of mind, PEACE in oneself, CREATIVITY to explore, EXCELLENCE in academics and KINDNESS towards others.

Copyright and Selling Art

Woman at Desk Painting "Copyright and Selling Art" is written by guest blog writer, Marlo Spieth. Ms. Spieth does outreach and guest blogging for Avvo, a website that offers online legal services. Being a professional artist isn’t as glamorous as it may sound. On top of the hustle and uncertainty, is the culminating moment where you must let go of your art. It’s not easy to

Art: It’s About A Feeling

Art: It's About A Feeling, written by an anonymous guest blog writer. Have you ever walked in to a house, possibly your own, and smelled warm cookies just out of the oven? Have you ever worked a long hard day but gotten more than you thought you ever could accomplished? What about stood out by the ocean on a beautiful day