Art Lesson: One Shape, Many Values

HS Art Lesson

9th Grade High School Art Lesson
by Gloria Rabinowitz
(Art work above: by Stephanie — Yeshiva University High School for Girls)
(Art work below: by Avigail — Yeshiva University High School for Girls)

To create a design using one shape with many different values

1) Show and explain to students what a value scale is (a ten-step tonal scale going from light to dark)
1)    Choose one shape and place it on your drawing in interesting ways.
2)    Think about pattern, repetition, overlapping, foreground and background.

Drawing paper, pencil, erasers, blenders

1)    Show and explain how a work of art develops with unity and variety, sameness and difference, dark and light (opposites).
2)    Discuss how art is a metaphor for life. We develop and are added to by the difference of others. We don’t want to be one circle stuck in the middle of the page — we want unity and variety. Many times we choose friends who are like us and different from us.
3) Discuss this statement by poet, Eli Siegel, “All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves?” and how it relates to both art and life.

THE NEXT STEP (furthur development — in pencil and shades of grey):
1)    Take an object in your pocket or around the room, and create a composition varying the position of the object, repeating it, creating patterns and making up new and similar shapes.
2)    Fill in the shapes with tones of grey in sequential steps similar to a tonal value scale

1)    Did the students make a unified composition with one shape in a variety of sizes?
2)    Did they utilize the space and create a sense of near and far, foreground and background?
3)    Did they utilize the elements of art and principles of design in a dynamic and interesting way?

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