A Unique Exhibition: “Meet My Uterus”

Perri Neri: Waiting, giclee print, 16" x 20" A Unique Exhibition: MEET MY UTERUS Women Artists’ Response to the #WarOnWomen The title of the show, "Meet My Uterus", is catchy, provocative and in line with other feminist shows that are happening such as, "The Art of Resistance: The Exquisite Uterus", organized by Helen Klebesadel in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, as part of a larger exhibition titled, "Power, Politics and Performance, and The

Current NY Art Shows

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Art Inspiration: What Inspires You?

cancun Sometimes I get inspired by tranquility. Sometimes I get inspired by the bountiful, effervescent colors of nature. For many years, as a landscape painter, my greatest pleasure was to sit amidst the glory of nature and see how light and shadow effect the colors around me. Natural forms -- their size, their texture, their patterns, their repetition, their symmetry and