New York Artists
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  • Stalina Roubinova

    Works with pieces of Birch Bark with fascinating patterns, textures and different colors from a dead tree. Sometimes she use moss, fungi, nodes etc. that naturally grow on a bark. The interesting bark can be on the outside or the inside. The next stage is to clean the bark, to ...
  • Michelle Scarano

    Shortly after I had my first child my friend said to me "don't you wish we could just freeze them?" and thats when I realized.  Childhood simply passes us by too quickly.  We CAN'T freeze them, but we can do our best to preserve the memories and special moments we ...
  • Gloria Rabinowitz

    Vibrant landscapes, cityscapes and sunset paintings in oil, encaustic, watercolor and pastel, abstract monotypes, graphic design and more...New work includes couples embracing and kissing.
  • Susan Grabel

    Susan Grabel’s figurative sculpture in mixed media on social and political themes has been exhibited in solo and group shows at galleries, universities and museums across the country. Her work deals with the human dimensions of social issues. She is interested in what people see and even more in what they don’t want to see.